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The temperate coasts of Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York surrounding Long Island Sound are fine for growing high-quality wine grapes. The Coastal Wine Trail helps you to enjoy this bounty.



Wine is made in all the six New England states, as well as in several regions of New York, especially Long Island.

Southeastern New England
Wine Growing Appelation

The region around Long Island Sound is particularly suitable to winegrowing. It's officially designated as the Southeastern New England Wine Growing Appellation, an official American Viticultural Area (AVA), includeing Cape Cod, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard and nearby islands, South Coastal Massachusetts, Coastal Rhode Island and Coastal Connecticut.

The Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf Stream, and particularly the moderating influence of Long Island Sound, keep this region warm enough for the cultivation of wine grapes. It is a cool wine-growing region similar in climate to northern France and Germany, making it preferable for white wines and sparkling wines, although red and rosé wines are produced as well.

The Coastal Wine Trail winds through this viticultural area, making it easier to visit some of the fine vineyards along the way.

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Jonathan Edwards Winery, Connecticut

Jonathan Edwards Winery, Connecticut.