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Visiting Connecticut vineyards and wineries? The Connecticut Wine Trail makes it easy to do.



The Connecticut Vineyard & Winery Association (tel. 860-216-6439) has organized many of the better Connecticut wineries into the Connecticut Wine Trail.

The council publishes a handy brochure-guide to member vineyards and wineries, which includes a map of the wine trail.

Pick up your Wine Trail Passport at any participating winery, visit a minimum number of the wineries, submit your passport to the council's lottery drawing, and you may be eligible for wine-lover prices of surprising value.

As you wander Connecticut's back roads, blue-and-white highway signs help you to find the member wineries.

Signage is not perfect, however, and the signs tend to be helpful rather than definitive. You will also need maps and directions, or a GPS to help you find the wineries.

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Priam Vineyards

Sharpe Hill Vineyards

Stonington Vineyards

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Connecticut Wine Trail

Look for the Connecticut Wine Trail signs.

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