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Massachusetts' most famous "vineyard" is the island of Martha's Vineyard, but there's much more to Massachusetts winemaking.  



Nobska Light, Falmouth, Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Nobska Light, Falmouth,
Cape Cod MA—there's
a vineyard nearby....

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Dutch explorer Adriaen Block noticed wild grapes on an island off the Massachusetts coast in 1614 and named it Martha's Vineyard in honor of his daughter. Although there's no winery on the island today, Massachusetts has plenty of others.

Wild grapes grow all over Massachusetts, but it took Ephraim Wales Bull of Concord MA to develop the Concord grape (1849), good for table use, preserves, and sweet wine.

Today Massachusetts vineyards do much better, using some of the finer vinifera, French-American hybrid, and North American wine grapes.

Making wines from fruits such as apples, blueberries, peaches, strawberries, and even rhubarb is a Massachusetts practice of longstanding. Mead (honey wine) and spirits also produced here, and of course lots of apple cider.

Massachusetts Wineries

Alfalfa Farm Winery

267 Rowley Bridge Road, Topsfield MA (Tel: 978-774-0014)

Amherst Farm Winery

529 Belchertown Rd, Amherst MA 01002 (Tel: 413-253-1400)

Apponagansett Bay Vineyard

205 Bakerville Road, Dartmouth MA 02748
(Tel: 508-997-9456)

Black Birch Vineyard

155 Glendale Road, Southampton MA 01073
(Tel: 413-527-0164)
Small-batch vinifera and hybrid wines in the Pioneer Valley.

Broken Creek Vineyard & Winery

614 South St, Shrewsbury MA 01545
(Tel: 508-925-5617)
Vinifera and hybrid grape and other fruit wines between Boston and Worcester.

Cape Cod Winery

681 Sandwich Road, East Falmouth MA (Tel: 508-457-5592)
A family-owned, Italian-heritage winery using European vinifera grape varieties and local fruits.

Coastal Vineyards

61 Pardon Hill Road, South Dartmouth MA (Tel: 774-202-4876)
Dry, sweet and sparkling vinifera-grape and fruit wines.

Echo Hill Orchards & Winery

101 Wilbraham Road, Monson MA 01057
(Tel: 413-267-3303)
Over a dozen wines from fruits grown on the property. Regular tastings.

Furnace Brook Winery at Hilltop Orchards

508 Canaan Road (MA/NY Route 295), Richmond MA (tel. 800-833-6274)
Vinifera still and sparkling wines, fruit wines, mead, and apple ice wine.

Green River Ambrosia Meadery

324 Wells Street, Greenfield MA 01301,
Medium-bodied, semi-sweet wines made from honey; fruit meads (melomel) and herbal meads.

Hardwick Vineyard & Winery

3305 Greenwich Road, Hardwick MA (tel. 413-967-7763)
Hybrid and North American grape wines, including Pink Catawba, as well as blueberry and cranberry wines.

Les Trois Emme Winery

8 Knight Road, New Marlborough MA (tel. 413-528-1015)
Wines from French-American hybrids and North American grapes such as Cayuga.

Mill River Winery

498 Newburyport Turnpike, Rowley MA 01969 (tel. 978-432-1280)
Red, white and rosé wines from vinifera grapes grown in Massachusetts and California.

Mineral Hills Winery at Godard's Red Hen Farm

592 Sylvester Road, Northampton MA 01062
(Tel: 413-586-2575)
Over a dozen wines from white and red grapes, apples, blueberries, as well as mead from the farm's bees.

Nantucket Vineyard

5 Bartlett Farm Road, Nantucket MA (tel. 508-325-5929)
A vinifera winery, brewery and spirits distillery all together near Bartlett Farm outside Nantucket Town. More...

Nashoba Valley Winery, Orchard & J's Restaurant

100 Wattaquadoc Hill Road, Bolton MA (tel. 978-779-5521)
Among the oldest and most substantial Massachusetts wineries, it produces over 30 varied wines—white, red, rosé, dry, semi-sweet, sweet and sparkling—from vinifera and hybrid grapes, apples, peaches, plums, raspberries, strawberries, other fruits, and honey, as well as beers and spirits. J's Restaurant is the ultimate farm-to-table eatery, using produce from the farm itself.

Pioneer Valley Farm & Vineyard

41 School Street, Hatfield MA (Tel: 413-247-3007; 413-387-7193)
Several wines from Frontenac, Cayuga and Louise Swenson grapes.

Plymouth Bay Winery

114 Water Street, Plymouth MA (Tel: 508-746-2100)
Right in the center of Plymouth, a short stroll from Plymouth Rock: tasty grape and fruit wines and more.

Plymouth Winery

170 Water Street, Suite 10C, Plymouth MA (Tel: 508-746-3532)
Delicious wines—and wine-tasting—in the town center near many of Plymouth's best restaurants.

Running Brook Vineyards

335 Old Fall River Road, North Dartmouth MA (Tel: 508-985-1998)
The family tradition is Portuguese, producing wines from vinifera and hybrid grapes. The distillery produces brandies, grappa and liqueurs.

Russell Orchards & Winery

143 Argilla Road, Ipswich MA (Tel: 978-356-5366)
Great fruit wines and ciders along with pies, jams and other home-made foods right on the road to Crane Beach. More...

Still River Winery

105 Bolton Road, Harvard MA (Tel: 978-456-6850)
Specializing in apple ice wine.

Travessia Winery

760 Purchase Street, New Bedford MA (Tel: 774-929-6534)
An urban winery making wines from vinifera and hybrid grapes grown elsewhere. Portuguese heritage.

Truro Vineyards of Cape Cod

11 Shore Road (MA Route 6A), North Truro MA (tel. 508-487-6200). Just a few miles from Provincetown, this family-run vineyard and inn make an enjoyable stop during your Cape Cod explorations. More...

Turtle Creek Winery

PO Box 691, Lincoln MA (Tel: 781-259-9976)
Small-batch, finely-crafted artisanal vinifera wines produced close to Boston.

Westport Rivers Vineyard & Winery

417 Hixbridge Road, Westport MA (Tel: 508-636-3423)
Red, white, still and sparkling wines from vinifera grapes.

Willow Spring Vineyards

840 West Lowell Avenue, Haverhill MA (Tel: 978-374-1473)
Mostly hybrid wines with a few vinifera, and their unusual rhubarb wine.

Zoll Cellars Winery

110 Old Mill Road, Shrewsbury MA 01545 (Tel: 857-498-1665)
Grape and fruit wines and mead from the produce of Massachusetts and New York farms, plus cheese, chocolate, and lessons in winemaking.

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Nantucket Vineyard, Nantucket MA

Above, Nantucket Vineyard, Nantucket Island MA.

Martha's Vineyard Menus, MA

It all goes well with white wine!

Paris Girls Secret Society, the new novel by Tom Brosnahan

Juggling apples at Nashoba Valley Winery, Bolton MA
Apple wine & cider: a Massachusetts specialty!

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