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Agriculturally-rich Long Island, New York, has numerous good vineyards and wineries just a short ferry ride from the Connecticut Shoreline.



When you visit Connecticut vineyards, consider taking the short ferry cruise from New London CT across Long Island Sound to Orient Point on Long Island's North Fork for a tour and some tastings.

Agriculturally-rich Long Island was formed as a glacial moraine, the melting end-point of the glaciers that covered New England about 18,000 years ago.

It was here that the melting glaciers dumped all of the fertile soil they had dredged up from the New England landscape in their slow, icy progress across the region. The dumping of millions of tons of fertile soil formed Long Island and destined it to be one huge farm and garden.

The climate, tempered by the relatively warm waters of Long Island Sound, made it an excellent region for vineyards and wineries. They've organized in the Long Island Wine Council.

Long Island's North Fork, marked by the towns of Mattituck, Peconic and Southold, about 90 miles (145 km) east of New York City, is the center of the island's vineyard and winemaking region. More...

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